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The Radius v2 Immobiliser is a discrete vehicle security system.

Utilising RFID technology to wirelessly communicate engine blocking commands to immobilise the vehicle.

Our Mobile installation service allows us to install your Radius v2 Immobiliser at a convenient location for you.

Supply and Installed Just £349

Radius v2 Immobiliser Key Features

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  • Protection against key-cloning, hacking & key theft. 

  • 1.RFID engine Immobiliser

  • 2. will enable the vehicle engine immobiliser automatically

  • 3.anti-hijacking intelligent

  • 4.circuit cut off intelligent

  • 5.two way transmit

  • 6.the engine immobiliser will activate automatically once the RFID Tag is approx 2 metres away from the vehicle

  • 7.the engine immobiliser will deactivate automatically once the RFID Tag comes approx within 2 metres away from the vehicle

  • 8.the RFID Tag can remain inside your pocket 

  • 9.anti-hijacking mode, intelligent circuit cut off

  • 10.without the RFID Tag being present the vehicle will not start

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The Perimeter v2 Immobiliser uses owner identification tags to protect your vehicle against theft.


This product Immobilises the vehicle through a physical immobilisation cut .Meaning it cannot be overridden but a thief plugging a machine into the vehicle.

If the owner identification tags is not present, the vehicle will not start!

(eg. the vehicles physical key has been cloned).