Starline i96 Immobiliser

Providing All The Features Of The Current Market Leading Can-Bus Immobiliser & Much More. 

- Pin Code Disarming

- Can-Bus, No Wire Cut Immobilisation (Vehicle Specific)

- Bluetooth Smart Phone Authorisation  w/Adjustable Range of 1-10m

- Simple Valet Mode Procedure

- No Valet Mode Exit Criteria 

- Built In 3D Gyroscope/Accelerometer

- 3 Years Manufactures Warrantee

Pro Features

- OBD Port Protection*

- Mechanical Immobilisation*

- Gearbox Select/Lock Immobilisation*

- Keyless Entry Blocking*

Optional Extras

Bluetooth Authorisation Tag


Pro Immobiliser will Include a single features *

from £499

Unlike any other Can-bus Immobiliser on the market which only works on newer Can-Bus based vehicles. 

The Starline i96 Pro can be installed on virtually any vehicle as a smartphone based bluetooth immobiliser with the additional option of analogue vehicle push-button disarm.

(Analogue Push Buttons Not Supported By All Vehicles)

 Starline i96 Can


Starline i96 Can Pro

Starline Stealth


Starline i96 Can           £499

Providing protection against common methods of attack such as:

Key Cloning, Key Relaying, Key Theft & ECU swapping.

Starline i96 Can Pro         £699

Providing all the protection of the standard Starline i96 Can

With the additional of physical mechanical immobilisation to protect against the more sophisticated Combination Attack which use the latest Plug-In technology to bypass some of the leading Can-Bus Immobiliser currently on the market.

Starline Stealth         £850

Providing all the protection of the Starline i96 Pro

With the additional of Subscription Free, App based tracking. Allowing you to locate the vehicle in the event it is lifted or towed away.

Starline i96 Features

Bluetooth Smart Authorisation

  • Owner should pass authorisation by having present his/hers small waterproof wireless bluetooth tag or smartphone with Bluetooth 4.2 version to fully disarm the Starline Security System therefore stopping relay key attack PIN-CODE AUTHORISATION

  • Additional authorisation provides reliable protection against hijacking, enhancing security functions of factory car alarm. Trip is allowed only after entering an individual PIN-code with car original buttons


Invisible Engine Blocking

  • Unique patented iCAN technology guarantees reliable protection by hidden engine blocking through a factory digital CAN or LIN bus.           (vehicle dependant)

Motion Detection Blocking 

  • StarLine will Immobilise the engine by motion detection if owner did not pass authorisation ie Tag present, Owners Smartphone Present Or Correct Push Button Sequence Entered. This function allows correct remote engine start without security disarming.


Additional Mechanical Blocking

  • Optional wireless R6 or digital R4 relay module provides additional safe engine blocking and allows protection of engine compartment with use of optional StarLine L11+, StarLine L10 hood locks.          (optional)



  • StarLine protects against theft and hijacking with safe engine blocking in motion if tag is not detected or with owner’s command by GSM interface.          (optional and vehicle dependant)

Hands-Free Mode

  • StarLine will arm/disarm security when owner leaves or approaches the car with his/hers wireless tag within the adjustable detection area          (optional)


OBD-II Protection

  • Immobiliser protects OBD-II diagnostic socket by CAN-bus interruption in armed mode to avoid unauthorised access to OBD-II socket in order to disable CAN blocking or register the extra car keys.          (optional)


Keyless Access Protection

  • StarLine intelligent protection will block unauthorised attempts to disarm factory security and open car by hacking original keyless access system.          (Vehicle Dependant)


Waterproof Wireless Tag

  • Original waterproof design of the wireless tag ensures protection against accidental water contact.         ​ (optional)

Hood Lock Control 

  • Engine compartment wiring protection provided by automatic hood locking with use of StarLine R6 wireless relay or StarLine R4 digital relay and optional StarLine L11+, StarLine L10 hood locks.          (optional)