Professional Installation Tracking

From £11.99/month

Professional Installation at a time and location convenient for you.

Real-time vehicle tracking

6 months tracking history

Speed Limit Notification 

Geofence Notification 

Remote Immobilisation

6 Months + History

Road Name Search History

Track speeding, acceleration, idling and phone usage

Reduce wear and tear and downtime

Save on insurance cost and reduce accident rates

Self-Install Tracking

From £7.99/month

Easily Self Installed Within 15 Minutes

Real-time vehicle tracking

6 months tracking history

geofence notification


Monitor your personal vehicle and/or fleet from any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone 24/7.

With real-time tracking updates and tracking history reports, You can see routes taken, speed travelled, mileage and duration spent at any location. 

Everything is viewable through our highly advanced and easy to use mobile application or web page.

Piece of mind at your finger tips 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 

All of our tracking devices are fitted with multi-roaming SIMs allowing for your vehicle to be found wherever it may end up.

If your vehicles are stored at a depot, on site or at staff houses you will be able to further protect your fleet against theft with motion alerts and geo-fencing.

Our tracking Service Also Includes : 

  • Simultaneous tracking for 1 - 1000 vehicles

  • Full journey history, showing the exact route taken

  • Full addresses, postcodes, locations logged 

  • Accurate mileage log recorded for you to access at any time.

  • See how long a vehicle is at any location 

  • Prevent unauthorised use of vehicles out of hours

Aswell as all of this, our trackers offer motion detection and Geo-fencing protection. whether your vehicles are stored at a single location or multiple you can get notified if every time it leaves.​​