Protect Your Mercedes-Benz

from £499

 The Ghost Immobiliser


Starline Immobiliser

Starline Stealth

The Ghost 2        £499

Providing protection against common methods of attack such as:

Key Cloning, Key Relaying, Key Theft & ECU swapping.

Starline i96 Pro         £699

Providing All The Protection Of The Ghost 2  

+ Physical Mechanical Immobilisation

+ Protection Aganist The Latest Plugin Devices

+ Bluetooth Phone Pairing With Adjustable Range

+ Customer Controlled Service Mode

+ Can Interuption Protection 

Starline Stealth         £850

Providing all the protection of the Starline i96 Pro

+ Subscription Free, App based tracking.

   Allowing you to locate the vehicle in the event it is lifted or towed away.

   **Upgradeable to Insurance Approved S7. S5 or S5+ Tracking**