The Solaris Alarm Package

Our Most Popular Van Alarm System


This Package Includes

- Rear Cargo Impact Protection

- All Round Lock Pick Protection

- Front Cab Impact Protection

- Vehicle Lift Protection

- Vehicle Tow Away Protection

- Push Sequence/Smartphone Immobilisation

- Key Clone Protection

- Bluetooth Owner Authorisation

- Alarm Trigger Horn Honk

- Alarm Trigger Siren 

- Blue Status Led


Optional Upgrade:

- Additional Impact Sensor (Dual Sliding Doors) +£200

- Additional Led Alarm Light +£99

- Alarm Call Alert +£150

- Vehicle Tracking +£300

- 2-Way Alarm Pager (100m-300m Range) +£399

Starline e96 Alarm

Key Features

Starline i96 Key Features

  • Invisible Engine Blocking with Discrete Pin Code and/or Bluetooth Phone Authorisation​

  • Hands Free Arm & Disarm​

  • Anti-Hijack​

  • OBD-II Protection Against Key Programming​

  • Motion Detection  Blocking​

  • Additional Mechanical Blocking​

  • Keyless Access Protection

  • Tilt Motion & Shock Detection​ ​

  • Audible ExternalSiren​

  • Remote Vehicle Start​​

  • Bluetooth App, Control & Monitoring​​

  • Control Though Factory Remote​

  • 1-Way Remote Control (Optional)​

  • 2-Way LCD Pager Remote Control (Optional)

Remote Engine Start

  • Intelligent remote and automatic engine start at a determined temperature, time, weekday or by battery voltage

Smart Key Bypass

  • Save money on purchasing an additional bypass module or duplicate key to implement remote engine start on CAN and LIN equipped cars

Hands-Free Mode

  • StarLine will arm/disarm security when owner leaves or approaches the car with his/hers wireless tag within the adjustable detection area          (optional)


OBD-II Protection

  • Immobiliser protects OBD-II diagnostic socket by CAN-bus interruption in armed mode to avoid unauthorised access to OBD-II socket in order to disable CAN blocking or register the extra car keys.          (optional)


Keyless Access Protection

  • StarLine intelligent protection will block unauthorised attempts to disarm factory security and open car by hacking original keyless access system.          (Vehicle Dependant)


Waterproof Wireless Tag

  • Original waterproof design of the wireless tag ensures protection against accidental water contact.         ​ (optional)

Hood Lock Control 

  • Engine compartment wiring protection provided by automatic hood locking with use of StarLine R6 wireless relay or StarLine R4 digital relay and optional StarLine L11+, StarLine L10 hood locks.          (optional)

Starline i96 Features

Bluetooth Smart Authorisation

  • Owner should pass authorisation by having present his/hers small waterproof wireless bluetooth tag or smartphone with Bluetooth 4.2 version to fully disarm the Starline Security System therefore stopping relay key attack PIN-CODE AUTHORISATION

  • Additional authorisation provides reliable protection against hijacking, enhancing security functions of factory car alarm. Trip is allowed only after entering an individual PIN-code with car original buttons


Invisible Engine Blocking

  • Unique patented iCAN technology guarantees reliable protection by hidden engine blocking through a factory digital CAN or LIN bus.           (vehicle dependant)

Motion Detection Blocking 

  • StarLine will Immobilise the engine by motion detection if owner did not pass authorisation ie Tag present, Owners Smartphone Present Or Correct Push Button Sequence Entered. This function allows correct remote engine start without security disarming.


Additional Mechanical Blocking

  • Optional wireless R6 or digital R4 relay module provides additional safe engine blocking and allows protection of engine compartment with use of optional StarLine L11+, StarLine L10 hood locks.          (optional)



  • StarLine protects against theft and hijacking with safe engine blocking in motion if tag is not detected or with owner’s command by GSM interface.          (optional and vehicle dependant)

Turbo Timer

  • StarLine extends turbocharged engine life by proper turbine cooling after a trip

Beach Mode

  • With optional EC-1 touch sensor you may leave all keys, remotes and belongings in car. Security will disarm with PIN-code entered by touching the sensor